BOARD PURPOSE: Discuss all aspects of free ISPs (Internet service providers) and related freebie Internet tools. Also: ask questions and give help re. computer/Internet issues. ("BBS" stands for "bulletin board service", another term for "message board".) This being a hacker-friendly board, it is also biased against Micro$oft and its allies. If you are strongly pro-M$, you probably won't be happy here (unless you are thick-skinned).


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NOTE: Our previous board now serves as a read-only archive.
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BOARD POLICY: No spamming or commercial advertising. No bigoted remarks against women, minorities, or anyone else (this includes the disabled, gays, blacks, and Asians, to name but several). No proselytizing of fanatic beliefs, religious or otherwise. No uploading of program hacks or cracks, or pornography, or retail software. But most of all: Stay on topic and have fun.

ALERT: Through 1999 December to 2000 January, this board suffered nasty attacks by Micro$oft zealots who ceaselessly trolled our forums, in an attempt to silence anti-M$ sentiment. They failed, and have since duplicated our board and drawn away participants. We have even been shut down (early February) by anonymous and false complaints to Delphi adminstration; thus we had to rebuild our BBS at a new location...losing all our valuable threads that benefitted every member, especially newcomers. These saboteurs are probably our former attackers (whom I eventually gagged and locked out by mid-January). Will they try to down us again? Likely! So I advise anyone with an ethical sense of avoiding such malicious groups, to not participate in that board, which is merely a theft of this one. The offending board is called "DUNet Central BBS", run by a sysop who goes by name "PIMPP" (aka "Polish Paul", "Beta2000", "fr0jz"). Duh.

PIMPP--as "Beta2000"-- also participates in Delphi's Host forum, playing "innocent victim" of hackers, in order to extend his duplcity, convincing yet more folks to believe his false claims.

Feb. 25, 2000: Well, we've been shut down again, and our board defaced. Gee, I wonder who could it be? Duh. This nutcase also took over our original board (now defunct, because I upgraded to a new site), which start page contained a redirection to our new URL. He changed it to PIMPP's location, with the comment that the old board is dead. In effect, he is siphoning off all potential new members from my board, duping them into believing his own board is the "Real McCoy".

(How did he do this? An informant explained: "PIMPP convinced Delphi adminstration that he is you, Bernard Maars, and that he lost his password along with his e-mail address required to prove ownership." So Delphi is partly to blame, because they gave out my password without permission.)

NOTE: If you'd like to help support me in regaining my boards, and seeing justice done, copy and paste the following appeal wherever you think it will help: ( click here).

Update 1 (March 31, 2000): PIMPP confesses (sort of)!

Update 2 (April 3, 2000): Attempts to hack this page.

Update 3 (April 5, 2000): Delphi correspondence.

Update 4 (July 2, 2000): Nothing's changed!

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