Sadly, PIMPP and cronies have "gotten away with murder" so to
speak, due to Delphi Administration's failure to respond to,
and squelch, this obvious abuse against my board, which has
gone on for over six months so far.

I have just opened another message board, not part of Delphi's
evil system...and hope that this time, we will be left alone
by these idiotic Micro$oft zealots.

I conclude that-when you have something good going on the
'Net--you'll inevitably have some asshole like PIMPP attempt
to sabotage it and take it over. Unless you have some clout,
such as legal or group backing, you will most likely remain
defeated. However, as one who *never gives up the good fight
on any front, I remain vigilant against PIMPP, searching for
any loose chinks in his tarnished armor.

Yours truly, Bernie Marrs.

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