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From: Bernard Maarz 
To: Jonathan Ross 
Subject: Re: why your acct. was suspended
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2000

Jonathan Ross said:

> Your account was suspended for spamming
> and will not be reinstated.
> Jonathan Ross
> Online Services
> Delphi Forums

At least now I know for sure what's going on. Mr. Ross, I have
been fighting several nasty (black-hat) hackers on Delphi, since
December 1999. They continuously try to sabotage my message board
and web page, and tear it down. Why? Because my board had become
very successful, and thus a valuable treasure for some envious
soul to steal.

I did not spam any messages, anywhere...never, in my entire life.
Do you really have any proof of this? What I have done, recently,
is post an appeal for help, to the Delphi community at
logging on to 35 hacker-related Delphi boards, one by one. Delphi
administration has consistently ignored my pleas to look into
these matters...and so, out of desparation I sent my appeal to
public boards...including about 8 Usenet newsgroups. (I posted
this appeal, per advice of legal counsel.)

You should take a little time to read my plea, which is viewable
on my home page:

Just scroll down to the "ALERT!" section, and you'll find all the
necessary evidence.

It is irresponsible for Delphi to blindly accept accusations of
spamming. Had you looked into the matter, you would find not one
shred of proof for this accusation. What a fine way to sabotage
someone you don't like: just post a phony complaint to Delphi,
and you're screwed!

Being a free service does not put you above the law. Just because
we don't pay for your boards, does not mean it's okay to aid and
abet those who spread slander. By not looking into such matters,
and peremptorily shutting down harmless (and
information-valuable) sites, you become an accomplice to unlawful
activity. Plus: such knee-jerk solutions are very bad for your

This is the third time these jerks have successfully shut down
access to my own Delphi board...all because Delphi administration
carelessly believed these culprits, and did not look into the
matter themselves. I voluntarily moved from my first board, in
order to open an account under my own name (the original "NetZero
Hero" board was handed over to me, by the original sysop). This
original board's start page contained the URL to my new board.
But, thanks to Delphi's carelessness, PIMPP gained control of the
old board, and changed the URL to *his board. And I could do
nothing about that, except send an appeal to Delphi...which
appeal was ignored. You can see the illegal changes here:

Then, my second board was sabotaged by PIMPP...who then took it
over and wiped out all the wonderful threads, and added cuss
words to make me look bad. See my defaced board here:

Mr. Ross: I assure you that various ethical hackers are now
aiding me in resolving this matter...and their findings at this
time, point to the likelihood that an employee at Delphi is in
cahoots with PIMPP...whose own board is located at:

Of course, you could be that person aiding PIMPP...but if this is
the case, I have no doubts that, finally, I will contact others
at Delphi, who will stop this sabotage of my boards.

I have sent my appeal to various message boards and by now, many hundreds of folks are aware of this
sabotage, and Delphi's complicity in this difficult matter.
Therefore, it would be in the best interests of Delphi to regard
my plea with sincerity, and assume some responsibility in
clearing up this matter...instead of ignoring my appeals, and
cooperating with a handful of malicious members abusing your

FreeNetCubs BBS & Chat
(visit daily to keep updated re. 
sabotage by pro-M$ fanatics)

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From: Bernard Maarz 
To: "Tamara" 
Subject: Re: why your acct. was suspended
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2000

--- "Tamara"  wrote:
> This is spam.  You cannot post a message like this
> in other people's forums.  You did not get permission
> and you created havoc for a lot of members.

One does not need "permission" to post an article in a public
forum. You are wrong on many counts, including the accusation
that I post to some forums that were not appropriate. I'm careful
about all those things.

Tamara, eh? I sent this message to "Jonathan Ross". You
intercepted my post, and did not pass it on to the intended
recipient. I insist that you give me Mr. Ross's specific e-mail
address. Obviously, you are helping PIMPP sabotage my membership

Thanks immensely, TAMARA, for revealing your cooperation with
PIMPP. I'm sending this material to my attorney, immediately.
Have a nice day!

FreeNetCubs BBS & Chat
(visit daily to keep updated re. 
sabotage by pro-M$ fanatics)

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From: Bernard Maarz 
To: Jonathan Ross 
Subject: Re: why your acct. was suspended
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000

--- "Delphi Forums Inc."  wrote:
> Hello,
> Tamara did NOT intercept this message.  She is an
> authorized service person and she is correct. You
> cannot post messages in forums about other members.
> Your account will not be reinstated.

> Jonathan Ross
> Delphi Forums

But what do you expect me to do, when Delphi has ignored my
previous pleas to stop this sabotage of my boards? Just shut up
and remain silent?

When another member aggressively destroys my board, I expect
Delphi to look into this. And when you don't, and the sabotage
against me continues, then it is only reasonable that I make an
appeal to the community at large. Yet you act as if I am
violating Delphi's rules...and that PIMPP's actions of sabotage
are all beyond judgment. This only indicates to me, that the
problem of PIMPP's intrusion goes beyond just one person at
Delphi, and involves you, Tamara, and who knows how many more?

Tamara is wrong in claiming I posted to some inappropriate
groups. All forums I posted to were either hacker or security
related. You have both stretched the definition of "spam" well
beyond its real meaning. You have demonized me for your
convenience...instead of looking into the real matter at hand:
sabotage of my boards.

You have *not bothered to examine the two start pages of mine,
that have been defaced. And if you were just performing your
duties as Delphi employees, you would have done so long ago...and
shut them down, well as confronted this guy, PIMPP, over
what's going on. Here is the URL to a popular board I ran, that
has been defaced by PIMPP:

Obviously, Delphi would be upset if anyone posted such nasty
statements on one of their pages. Only I did not do it; PIMPP
did. And how could he have gained access to my board, without
someone at Delphi providing him with my password? Before he
defaced it--as well as wiped out all messages there--it was a
thriving, successful board. I complained to Delphi about a month
ago on this, and neither Tamara nor a moderator at the host
forum, lifted a finger to look into it. All Tamara said was "we
don't give out passwords". Well, she lied.

Also, PIMPP changed my original board, which is supposed to show
the URL to my newer board. He has changed it to go to his own
copycat board. The URL to this sabotaged board is:

But all this is explained in my "Alert!" section on my home page

All the evidence against PIMPP is there. If you, as Delphi
employees, were doing your job, you'd be very upset at this
defacement of my forum...and would certainly look into matters
all around. Instead, you ignore all my appeals, and jump on the
flimsiest excuse to shut me out of my own board, once again. How
can this not be clear evidence that you are most likely
cooperating with PIMPP (for whatever screwed-up reason), or at
best: trying to cover your own asses for an outrageous goof-up on
your part.

Your extraordinary refusal to listen to any complaint I have sent
you reveals a lot about your willingness to abide by PIMPP's
persuasion. Regardless if you really think I did any
spamming...this does not address the other complaints I have
brought up to Delphi three times, in the past two months.

I really don't expect you to listen to me you have
ignored my appeals each and every time thus far...and only
managed to shut down my account once more. I am sending you this
correspondence for the record, and that my legal counsel may be
assured that I have tried to go through Delphi's channels before
resorting to going over the heads of your service, and proceeding
with more serious charges.

FreeNetCubs BBS & Chat
(visit daily to keep updated re. 
sabotage by pro-M$ fanatics)

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Rusty Williams, Vice Pres. of Delphi Forums
1030 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

Appeal from Delphi Member to Stop Abuse

April 5, 2000

Dear Mr. Williams,

I am making an appeal to you, because your own employees who
manage Delphi, refuse to stop ongoing attacks and defacement of
my own message board registered with your company. The employees
in question are: Jonathan Ross and Tamara (last name not known),
who share the following e-mail address: "". My
board was sabotaged three times so far, forcing me each time to
set up a new board, with consequent loss of many members. My
former boards have been defaced, and remain there now, both as an
insult to me and Delphi, and as a method to siphon new members
away from my latest board, and to the board of my attackers.

Even though there is solid evidence against the culprits, no one
at Delphi administration cares to look into things. Actually, I'm
sure they have, which leads me to the conclusion that some of
your employees are in cahoots with the saboteur...else why
wouldn't they have erased at least one defaced board that uses
pornographic remarks? Both Mr. Ross and Tamara have accused me of
"spam", which is an outright lie. I have simply made an appeal to
numerous hacker and security related boards in Delphi, and on help me in stopping this attack on my boards, that
has been going on since December 1999.

These attacks, and refusal of Delphi to clear up matters (except
to ceaselessly ignore and censor me), give your company a black
eye...especially since I have begun my pleas for help over and
above Delphi administration. As a last resort, I am sending this
message to you, Vice President of Delphi.

Rather than draw out this message further, you may view the
evidence yourself, by logging onto my home page at:

Scroll down to find my "Alert" section, which keeps concerned
folks updated regarding my efforts to end these attacks to my
presence in Delphi's online community...including my
correspondence with your employees.

Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule, to read my


     Bernie Marrs, co-sysop

FreeNetCubs BBS & Chat
(visit daily to keep updated re. 
sabotage by pro-M$ fanatics)

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