Subject: PIMPP confessed!
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000

The dork confessed! Now we're getting somewhere:

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I just logged onto nutcase's board, and lo and behold, he replied
to my appeal, which I posted there. As follows:

From: XPert Paul (POLISH_PAUL)
Mar-29 3:27 am
To: BERNEE_M unread

I can't believe that you would drop so low Bernie. I always
looked up to you until a certain point. You've become one of
them. Trolling every board with degrading lies about me. Which
DUNet Central member ever did that. Which DUNet Central member
attacks forums with high bandwith Anti-MS images? You should
know. You support him. Your info on Fyour "old" board and me
replacing your redirections, look again. it was always there. My own note
is added to the Start page only. That forum was given to me by
the individual who got into it. I don't know who he is, but it's
not me. You can spread all these lies about me,but they will
never amount to nothing more then lies.


(And this was my response:)

>Your info on Fyour "old" board and me
>replacing your redirections, look
>again. it
>was always there.

That is the *home page, which I cannot change at all. The URL I
gave is the *start page, which has your name on it. You are
getting desperate, it seems.

>My own note is added to the Start page

You never had my permission to erase my note, and replace my new
URL with yours.

See everyone? He now admits complicity. So, am I still the
paranoid fool in your eyes?

>That forum was given to me by the
>individual who got into it.

Well, at least that's an admission I never heard before.

>I don't know who he is, but it's not me.

That's ridiculous. You knew all along what you did to my start
page is wrong, for it is sabotage. Furthermore: I gave *no one
permission to change my site in any way. I remained the only one
with knowledge of my password...until you coerced Delphi to give
you control over my board.

>You can spread all these lies about
>me,but they will never amount to
>nothing more then lies.

How can they all be lies, when you yourself just confessed your
participation in sabotage?

Thanks for showing some honesty, here. Certainly a real

You destroyed my message board...making up a phony story that I
was allowing flaming to go on. Essentially, you copied my format,
got a bunch of my members over to your board...and continue to
siphon new members away from my board, to yours.

There is hope, now, that you will answer to your conscience you have just done so, partially. At this
point--considering the maliciousness and deceit you have
participated in over several months--you owe me no less than
admission of your actions, and handing over your present board to
yours truly.

Your board was built on the success of mine, which you also

Again, thanks for a little honesty, here.

BTW: Delphi has shut down my present sysop account with no
explanation...just like the last time. This is a familiar
pattern. So I had to create a new account (Notice my now-defunct
handle was "bernee_M".) Because of shutting down my account, I no
longer have control over my present board. If it isn't you, it is
one of your cohorts. All the same to me.

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