May 5, 2000

Appeal to all responsible Delphi denizens...
and hackers, geeks and all decent folks in general:

Another member (who also hosts some forums) who goes by
handles "PIMPP", "Polish Paul", "Xpert Paul", "Beta2000" and
"fr0jz" has sabotaged my own forum(s), by convincing a Delphi
administrator that he is me (Bernie Maars), and that he lost
his password and also his e-mail address required to verify a
lost password. Foolishly, the administrator failed to check
with me, so gave PIMPP a new password, which allowed him to
take over my board and wipe out all the valuable threads, as
well as deny me access. He also defaced my board. See the
results of his mischief at the URL of my defunct board:

Then, adding insult to injury, PIMPP took over my original
board, which I had shut down to upgrade my forum with a new
URL. This is the "NetZero Hero" board, whose original sysop
handed over to my trust. On the start page was a redirect URL
to take visitors to my new board. PIMMP replaced it with the
URL to *his board...which is nothing more than the theft of
some of my former threads and members (whom he coerced,
cajoled, and flattered to move to his site). He even left his
piss-stain by stating:

This board is essentially dead. Please post significant
discussions on DUNet Central Forum

Thank You,

fr0jz and Polish Paul

...yup, it's us

They have erased my own directions to my own board, and
replaced it with theirs. The original statement read like so:

Sorry for the inconvenience, but FreeNetCubs has moved to the
following URL:

See you there! -Bernie Maars, sysop

So there the sabotaged page remains, siphoning all potential
members from my board, to theirs. (An informer enlightened me
as to how PIMPP sabotaged my site...and asked that I don't let
him know who he is. But if he doesn't speak out soon, and
offer me support--knowing what he does--I'll spill the beans.
For one, he ought to contact Delphi administration to help me
regain my old boards.) When I alerted Delphi to this sabotage,
there was no responsible offer to look into effect,
administration chooses to pretend there is no problem. I
surmise that the person responsible fears a reprimand (or even
job loss) if he fesses up. I can even prove I'm the true
owner, by providing them with my original password and some
other private data...which they can easily compare with their

When I posted this attack on my board (and person), in the
hosts forum, my message was erased by one of the
moderators...who also did not bother to help me contact
someone in administration who could clear up this nasty matter
for me. He said if I didn't mention actual names or URL's,
then I could re-post. But what good would that do? I'm not the
trouble-maker here, I'm the victim!

So now I make my appeal to Delphi members in general, by
broadcasting PIMPP's deceitful actions to a long standing and
responsible member of this community. New members to his board
have been duped to believe that I am the true culprit: easy
for him to do, considering his successful manipulation of
Delphi administration, and the fact that new members to his
board had no idea of what really went on. And, by siphoning
them from my old board to his, they are duped into thinking
his forum is the "Real McCoy": the original NetZero Hero club.

I ask all interested parties to check the URL's I described,
as proof of my claims...and then to view PIMPP's own forum
that is essentially a rip-off of my own, at:

There, you will find several threads discussing this issue,
both pro and con. This will assist anyone in figuring out the
real truth, themselves. In some threads, PIMPP himself
expressed sympathy and concern for the loss of members from my
board...though I really think it was just a phony act, and
that he was laughing to himself. Be that as it may, he claims
he is not the saboteur of my boards...that someone else used
his handle to make it look like that. But I don't think so;
for if it really wasn't him--and considering the sympathy he
expressed--he would have long ago contacted me with an offer
to inform Delphi that someone is abusing his character by
using his handle to perform malicious acts, and that I, Bernie
Maars, am the true owner of that board, and should be given
back control to what is rightfully my forum. But he did no
such thing...thus weighing strongly as proof that PIMPP is
indeed the culprit.

My present forum's home page, located at:

includes a statement regarding PIMPP's sabotage, that visitors
may be warned to avoid his site, if they have any sense of
ethical responsibility among sysops and Delphi community

If anyone can get me in touch with some administrators in
Delphi who *will look into this matter, I'd appreciate the
help immensely. PIMPP has gone on too long with his
sabotage...and my present board is but a mere shell of what it
once was, due to his successful (albeit evil) attacks. I don't
see how I can resume gaining new members, when he still
controls my old start page, which is siphoning new members
over to his charlatan site.

BTW: before PIMPP sabotaged my forums, he trolled my board,
claiming that I shouldn't allow so much anti-Micro$oft
comments. When I said this is a hacker board, so anti-M$
sentiment goes with the territory, he got several other rotten
types to join in the troll, which caused some members to
leave, and polluted our valuable threads. Then, PIMPP started
his own board, after luring some of my more naive members over
(as well as some who turned out to be too nasty to be worth
keeping). After copying numerous excellent threads from my
board, he then shut it down by actions described above.

Thanks for reading. Sincerely:

Bernard Maars

P.S.: Please feel free to distribute this appeal wherever you
think it will help. Let it be known that NO MicroMush
hacker-wannabe, such as PIMPP and suck-ups, can get away with
sabotaging ethical hackers who really do give a damn about
sharing knowledge and helping others live better lives. And
who put their *trust in other hackers, across the Internet.

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